Sunday, March 28, 2010

Script Frenzy Write 100 Pages Month

Are you yearning to write a movie, play, short film, TV show, or graphic novel? Do you dream of becoming a published script writer but can't seem to muster the motivation. The answer to your writer's block might be to enter the worldwide Script Frenzy script writing competition.

National Novel Writing Month, famous for their write a novel in a month event in November also run an annual sister event called Script Frenzy. Sign up to the Script Frenzy competition is free and you will be joining thousands of would-be writers around the world who are taking up the challenge in April 2010 to write a 100 page script in just 1 month.

Participants of the Script Frenzy competition aren't rewarded with monetary prizes or publishing contracts. Satisfaction for entrants comes from setting a writing goal and achieving it. Plus at the end of the writing contest these scriptwriters have a 100 page draft of a script that they can later rework.

What Script Frenzy does offer is a community of other writers focused on producing a script. You can choose to go it alone or to be part of the group by hanging out in the forums or by joining with your fellow participants at optional write-ins in your area. To find out what's happening in New Zealand you will need to register and then access regional forums to link up with other local Frenziers.

If you are a person who likes recognition for all your hard work you can download your certificate in PDF format once you have uploaded your 100 page script. If you are wondering about the security of your work then relax as you write offline and only upload when you have passed the 100 page mark. The object of uploading your script is to verify the word count not to read your script and steal your ideas. If you are worried about the risks check out Script Frenzy FAQs page for more on how to securely upload your work.

The Script Frenzy website also contains a lot of useful writing resources to start you on your script writing journey. Be sure to check out Script Frenzy's writing resources page for screenwriting and playwriting tips and how to pages.

Now is the time to boost your creativity and write that script that will launch your scriptwriting career. Come 1 April 2010 will you be writing or still talking about it? As the Script Frenzy's slogan says Stop Watching and Start Writing. Are you in?

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